* Certain conditions apply.
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    Price and conditions
    The choice of message add-ons may only be changed once a month. The add-ons may be combined. Roaming charges apply when sending text messages from outside of Canada. Roaming rates outside Canada are charged per unit and are not debited from the monthly message add-on. While roaming, data transmission charges may apply when sending and receiving photo and video messages. In some cases, a fixed charge per unit is billed for sending a message while roaming. Monthly message add-on is not debited.

    Service availability
    The message add-ons may be used within Videotron's extended territory and within Canada.

    Change notice
    Behaviour and rates of services may differ while located in partner network. Services and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions apply.

    Taxes and conditions
    Applicable taxes not included.