Pay with your smartphone

Now you can take advantage of mobile payment

Mobile payment

What is it?

You can make purchases of $100 or less with your smartphone in any store that accepts contactless mobile payments.


    No need for a wallet! Now you can buy a coffee, a full tank of gas or a litre of milk thanks to mobile payment. It is:

    • Easy
    • Convenient
    • Secure


    If you have an Android device and wish to activate mobile payment with a Visa Desjardins credit card is easy.

    Verify the compatibility of your mobile device and SIM card at the Customer Centre.

    Download the Desjardins Mobile Payment app, and follow the steps.

    Sweep your phone over a contactless payment terminal without even having to open the app.

    It's easy to take advantage of mobile payment if you have a debit or credit card with another financial institution, thanks to Apple Pay, Androïd Pay, RBC Wallet ou TD Mobile Payment.

    Mobile payment FAQ

    What is mobile payment?

    What is mobile payment?

    Mobile payment is a simple and convenient way of paying for your purchases using your smartphone.

    Mobile payment lets you quickly pay for purchases in establishments equipped with a contactless mobile payment terminal. All you have to do is hold your smartphone close to the terminal for a few seconds and your purchase is complete.

    Where does mobile payment work?

    Mobile payment is accepted in establishments equipped with a contactless terminal, also known as Near Field Communication, or NFC.

    These establishments will often have a “PayPass” or “PayWave” logo displayed near their cash registers.

    Is mobile payment really safe?

    Mobile payment is very safe and benefits from the same advantages and protection as your contactless credit cards.

    Transaction limits is $100, depending on the merchant.

    How does mobile payment work?

    How can I pay for items with mobile payment?

    You need to either:


    • Download your financial institution’s NFC-compatible mobile payment app.

      For certain institutions, including Desjardins, you must equip your Android mobile device with an NFC SIM card.


    • Download your mobile manufacturer’s mobile payment app:

      Apple Pay (NFC SIM card not required)


    • Your mobile device manufacturer’s mobile payment app:

      Android Pay: Android payment service (NFC SIM card not required)

    How do I know if my Android device’s chip card is compatible with near field communication mobile payment?

    Go to the Customer Centre and click on the Mobile section. Select Information on Your Device, then click on Mobile Payment Compatibility. You’ll see all the information pertaining to your device’s NFC compatibility, including what type of SIM card your device uses and if said SIM card allows for near field communication (NFC) mobile payment.

    You’ll also be able to see if your device’s SIM card has the NFC stamp.

    If your SIM card is not compatible, you can purchase an NFC SIM card in one of our locations. Additional charges may apply.

    Who should I contact in the event of a problem?

    Videotron’s Technical Support team can answer any question you have in regards to your mobile connection, SIM card or mobile device.

    For all transaction, app or mobile payment-related questions, please contact your financial institution.

    Videotron is not liable for any incident that occurs as a result of using mobile payment apps or services and is not responsible for any transaction or banking information.

    What do I do if I lose my phone or if it gets stolen?

    • 1. Contact Videotron immediately in order to deactivate and prevent any unauthorized use of your device. Your phone will be added to the black list of stolen phones, regardless of whether it’s lost or has been stolen
    • 2. Contact your financial institution immediately.

    What are the service limitations?

    Videotron is not responsible for the use of apps (both general and mobile payment apps).

    As a result, Videotron will refrain from:

    • establishing the terms and conditions of any and all purchases, payments, expiration dates and other operations that take place between an establishment or participating issuer and you;
    • processing payments, acting as a bank, financial institution or participating issuer, or providing services related to the aforementioned establishments;
    • offering, endorsing or assuming any responsibility whatsoever in regards to NFC or app-compatible devices or payment cards used to buy or profit from a product or service;
    • managing or being held responsible for any payments, returns, reimbursements or debits, or answering any questions and/or differences you may have with the establishment or participating issuer in regards to any and all card-related transactions.

    What technology makes mobile payment possible?

    There are several types of technology that make mobile payment possible.

    • 1. Mobile payment with an NFC SIM card (Android and BlackBerry devices)
    • 2. Mobile payment with HCE technology
    • 3. Mobile payment integrated directly into the device (Apple Pay and Android Pay)

    All these options run on NFC technology

    NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless technology that allows for the transfer of data between two objects in close proximity (within a few cm) of each other. Smartphones equipped with NFC technology can transfer payment information to an establishment’s terminal.

    Does my financial institution or device manufacturer offer mobile payment?

    How does mobile payment work with the apps offered by my device manufacturer?

    You are a Visa Desjardins customer and you use an android device

    How does mobile payment work?

    Your virtual Visa Desjardins credit card is stored on your device’s NFC SIM card. When you hold your card over an establishment’s NFC terminal, the SIM card transfers the information to your financial institution, which then accepts or rejects the transaction.

    Mobile payment uses the information stored on your virtual credit card to complete transactions. It is therefore not necessary to have a network connection for a transaction to take place.

    Who is eligible?

    All existing or future Videotron Mobile customers who fulfill the following conditions:

    • Have an NFC-compatible LTE Android device;
    • Have an NFC SIM card;
    • Have a Visa Desjardins credit card;
    • Have the Desjardins Mobile Payment app installed on your device.

    What devices are compatible with the Desjardins Mobile Payment app?

    The latest versions of Android and BlackBerry are compatible. View the list of compatible devices here: Desjardins

    Can I make a payment while I’m on the phone?

    Yes you can. The call will not be interrupted and the transaction will be done in complete security.

    What happens if I delete the Desjardins Mobile Payment app?

    Your credit card information will remain on your SIM card. You must contact the Desjardins Card Services Customer Service department to unregister from the service and have your credit card information removed from your SIM card.

    Will I lose my information if I change or upgrade my phone?

    No. Your virtual credit card information remains intact as long as you use the NFC SIM card you originally programmed with your credit card information.

    If you change phones, make sure to download your financial institution’s mobile payment app before attempting to complete a transaction.

    How do I unregister from the Desjardins mobile payment service?

    You must contact the Desjardins Card Services Customer Service department.