International calls from Québec

International calls from Québec

Say hello to the whole wide world!

Grouped together by geographical region, our international calling plans make staying connected with the world that much easier. Each region comprises bordering countries, which are offered at the same rate. Also check out the Top 30, which features the 30 most called countries in the world.

A simple and affordable way to keep in touch with your loved ones around the world!

$ 5 . /month*

Frequently Asked Questions :

Can I make international calls without signing up for a calling plan?

Yes. You can make international calls without signing up for a monthly calling plan. However, by opting for an international calling plan, you will enjoy a preferential by-the-minute rate.

Are minutes deducted from my plan if I make an international call?

Yes. Minutes are deducted from your plan. In addition, international charges also apply.

Can I share my international calling plan minutes with a member of my Share plan?

Yes, absolutely. Your international calling plan minutes can be shared with all members of a Share plan.

* Certain conditions apply.
  1. **

    Price and conditions
    The international long-distance plans may be combined. The Canada/United States long-distance plans do not apply to roaming calls. Airtime charges are billed in addition to international calling charges. If you subscribe to an international calling plan and you exceed the number of minutes stipulated under your calling plan, the international calls will be charged by the minute. Rates may vary depending on whether the calls are received on a landline or a mobile telephone.

    Change notice
    Behavior and rates of services differ while located in partner network.