Pay-per-use tablet plan

Pay-per-use tablet plan

Pay only for what you use

Bring your LTE tablet with you and use it however you want. The basic monthly rate of your plan will adapt to your usage.


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$ 5 . /month*

Enjoy a plan for your tablet that adapts to your monthly usage. Discover our attractive rates, based on different tiers of mobile data usage.


Frequently Asked Questions :

What's the advantage of choosing flexible-rate Internet on your tablet add-ons?

With flexible-rate Internet on your tablet add-on, you're billed according to tier—your level of actual use. You'll never have to worry about going over a pre-set data transfer limit. You'll also avoid per-unit charges because you'll automatically go to the next-highest tier.

How does the automatic transition to the next-highest tier work when you have a flexible-rate Internet on your tablet add-on?

If you're 1 KB over the data transfer limit for tier 1, you automatically go to the next-highest tier until the end of the current month. You'll receive a text message informing you that you'll be moving up a tier.

Can I share my data add-on with a member of my Share plan?

No. Data add-on is registered to one individual only, so it cannot be shared among several members.

Will my data usage be itemized on my detailed invoice?

Your data usage will not appear on your detailed (paper) invoice. Only a monthly summary will appear. However, you can keep track of your daily data usage by logging on to our Customer Centre and consulting the "Check your record of use" section.