Canada-US Without Borders plan

Canada-US Without Borders plan

For those who love to spend all their time talking, texting and surfing throughout Canada and US

This plan includes:

  • Unlimited local and long-distance calls throughout Canada
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calls from Canada to US
  • Unlimited text messaging (text, photo and video)
  • Call Display, Voicemail 35
  • Call Waiting and Conference Calls
  • 4 GB data add-on
  • Use your plan in the USa for up to 90 days per year without incurring additional fees**
  • Unlimited music6 (Canada only)

And much more...


Our Premium plans are becoming Canada-US Without Borders plans:

  • Canada-wide voice and data
  • Up to 90 days a year in the US

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$ 74 . 95 /month*
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Included in this plan

  • Unlimited local and long-distance calls throughout Canada
  • Unlimited text messaging (text, photo and video)
  • Call Display
  • Voicemail (up to 35 voicemails)
  • Call Waiting and Conference Calls
  • 4 GB data add-on
  • Unlimited music6


Free and unlimited local and long-distance calls within Québec between all Videotron telephone customers (residential and mobile)1

Low rate of $0.30/minute for calls made while travelling in the US.2

Access to Videotron’s ultra-fast LTE network (with LTE-ready device)3.

Unlimited Music

Stream your music without using your data.

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Application illico

Bring your TV experience with you, anywhere you go.

Get fast access to a rich catalogue of content. Follow the news and don’t miss a second of live game nights. Watch and rewatch your favourite shows on demand, whenever you want.

Enjoy a huge selection of exclusive content and new releases. Get exclusive access to the best selection of free French-language youth content, webseries for everyone and comedy shorts!

Get the most out of your mobile

Do you like to surf the Web? Would you like to be able to access the Internet at any time? Get an on-demand data add-on to meet your needs, directly in the User Center.

Look over our Pay-per-use Services section to find out about our other options and à la carte fees.

4 GB of data

Would you like Web access from your mobile at any time? Thanks to the 4 GB data add-on included in this plan, you can:

  • Watch videos on sites like YouTube;
  • Download games, apps and music;
  • Access your favourite social networks; (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+);
  • Surf the Web;
  • Check your email.

Stay connected at all times!

Find out more about our data add-ons

Other advantages
Exclusive student offer

Get 10% off your monthly plan with Videotron Mobile.

Download the proof of student status form.

Everywhere In Canada
Calls, texts and data -
Unlimited local calls
In minutes
Evenings and Weekends
Calls after 6pm 1
Local and long-distance
calls between Videotron
Long-distance calls Canada
Call display and voicemail
(up to 35 voicemails)
Text and data
Unlimited messages to Canada,
the US and the rest of the world
(text, photo, video)
Data add-ons 4 GB

Frequently Asked Questions :

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes. Just call Customer Service from your mobile phone by dialing 611.

Will my data usage be itemized on my invoice?

Your data usage will not appear on your detailed (paper) invoice. Only a monthly summary will appear. However, you can keep track of your daily data usage by logging on to our Customer Centre and going to the "Check your record of use" section.

* Certain conditions apply.
  1. **

    Canada-US Without Borders plans offer
    This limited-time offer applies to customers subscribed to Videotron’s Mobile service and customers subscribing to Videotron’s Residential Mobile service with a 24-month agreement. The Canada-US Without Borders Packages include unlimited local and long-distance calls to anywhere in Québec and the rest of Canada, in addition to a US Travels privilege. The US Travels privilege can be used to make calls, send text messages and access the data included in the customer’s plan while customer is travelling in the United States for a maximum of 90 days per year, calculated at the starting date of this plan. Once a service is used anytime between midnight and 11:59 p.m. (EST), it will count as a full day. If customer’s voice (in minutes), text messages (SMS), photo and video messages (MMS) and data (in KB) usage exceeds 90 days per year in the United States, Videotron reserves the right to charge customer for excess usage and suspend the US Travels privilege. Long-distance charges for calls made from Canada (outside Québec) to the United States included. Charges for photo and video messages sent while roaming in the rest of Canada (outside Québec) and the United States will be deducted from customer’s monthly data allowance. Plans include the following features: Call Waiting, Conference Calling (up to 5 participants), network access fees. Airtime fees apply to each call and each participant for Call Waiting and Conference Calling. The United States refers to the continental United States (calls to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Mexico are not included). Long-distance calls to outside Canada and the United States, fees for exceeding the data transfer limit and other applicable charges not included. International calls are charged at a flat rate of $1.45/min in Canada and the United States. For rates that apply to calls made from Québec, please visit our website at: Unlimited Music is available on the Videotron network and partner networks in Canada only. Certain conditions apply.

    Activation fee of $10 and SIM card fee of $5 per line not included.

    Taxes and conditions:
    A municipal 911 fee of $0.46 is applicable and sales taxes extra

  2. [1]

    Calls between customers
    Free, unlimited long-distance calls between residential, mobile and business telephone customers apply to residential and business telephone service customers and/or LTE mobile telephone service customers who have Videotron as their long-distance service provider. Calls must be initiated on Videotron's network.

    Unlimited local and long-distance anytime calls within Canada, applicable where Videotron's network or partner network are available. When roaming in the rest of Canada (outside Québec), incoming and outgoing photo and video messages are deducted from the customer's monthly data allowance. International long-distance calls are charged at a rate of $1.45/minute when roaming in Canada. For pricing details, please visit the international calls from Québec section.

  3. [2]

    The United States roaming rate includes calls made to Canada and the US. To learn about our rates, and, more specifically, our international long-distance rates, visit the "Pay-per-use" section.

  4. [3]

    Where Videotron’s LTE network is available. Visit, to view the coverage. Certain conditions apply.

  5. [4]

    Theoretically the maximum speed.

  6. [5]

    Channel content (shows, films and series), whether it’s live or on demand, is reserved for Videotron TV customers. If you wish to watch channel content on your mobile, said channel must be included in your Videotron TV package. When you watch content on your device, you use data via Videotron’s mobile or Wi-Fi network. Make sure that your mobile plan lets you use data with this app.

  7. [6]

    Unlimited Music allows users to stream music without using their Mobile plan’s data allowance. Subscription costs for music apps are borne by the customer. Unlimited Music is for new and existing Residential customers subscribing to Videotron Mobile or adding a Mobile Line to their account with a Premium All-Inclusive Canada Mobile plan of $64.95/month. Customer must have an LTE SIM card or an LTE device running Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, iOS or Android that is also configured for our LTE network. If a customer streams music when connected to the Internet via a Virtual Private Network (VPN), data usage will be deducted from the customer’s monthly data allowance. Data consumed by streaming music via tethering will also be deducted from the customer’s monthly data allowance. Unlimited Music applies to music streaming only and excludes the downloading of songs and other non-musical content (such as videos) via the streaming music provider’s official applications listed here: In the event that data usage displayed by the application or device differs from the amount indicated on the invoice, the invoice shall prevail. Unlimited Music allows a maximum flow of 128 Kbps. Unlimited Music is available on the Videotron network and partner networks in Canada only (see coverage map here: This list is subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions apply.

  8. [7]

    This promotional offer applies to residential customers subscribing to Videotron's mobile phone service and who are activating a compatible device that is non-subsidized (no discount). The discount is valid on select monthly plans of $29.95 or more. Offers apply only to the mobile plan's recurring monthly service fee. Add-ons, additional minutes, long-distance calls, roaming fees, additional data fees and other usage fees not included. It might not be possible to combine this offer with other promotional offers. Subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions apply.

  9. [8]

    These limited-time offers apply to new and existing Residential student customers and are conditional upon proof of student status within 30 days. The following proofs are accepted: student card, receipt for school fees, student transcript, OPUS card. A 10% discount for 24 months on the monthly Mobile plan is applied when customer activates a Mobile line or adds a Mobile line with a minimum monthly plan of $44.95 and purchases a mobile device with a 24-month agreement. A 100% discount on the purchase of a 2016-2017 Student Price Card, a value of $10, is applied when customer adds a Mobile line with a minimum monthly plan of $44.95 and purchases a mobile device with a 24-month agreement. A $50 discount is applied to the second invoice if customer already owns a valid 2016-2017 Student Price Card and subscribes to a Mobile line with a minimum monthly plan of $44.95 and purchases a mobile device with a 24-month agreement. These offers are available exclusively at points of sale. A 10% discount applies to the monthly cost of Hybrid Fibre Internet for new customers and customers already subscribed to this service. A 10% discount applies to the monthly cost of these TV packages: Discovery, Show Time, Game Time, Total, Big Picture, Custom 5, Custom 10, Custom 15, Custom 20, Custom 25, Custom 30, Anglo, Franco, Mega, Telemax, Telemax+, Ultra. The TV offer is available for new customers and customers already subscribed to this service. The 10% discount is not applicable to pay-per-use Mobile, Internet and TV Service fees and any additional options. Offers are subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions apply.