Voice and data

Voice and data

For those who love to talk, text and surf throughout canada

This plan includes:

  • 200 Canada-wide minutes
  • Unlimited Canada-wide calls, evenings after 5 p.m. and weekends6
  • Unlimited text messaging
  • Unlimited multimedia messaging (photo, video) from Quebec
  • Call Display, Voicemail 35
  • 500 MB of data

And much more...

Starting at

$ 34 . 95 /month*

Regular rate

$ 34 . 95 /month*

Reduced price

$ 29 . 95 /month*
Bring your own device
Enjoy a plan customized just for you

This plan includes

  • 200 Canada-wide minutes
  • Unlimited Canada-wide calls, evenings after 5 p.m. and weekends6
  • Unlimited text messaging
  • Unlimited multimedia messaging (photo, video) from Quebec
  • Call Display
  • Voicemail (up to 35 voicemails)
  • Call Waiting and Conference Calling
  • 500 MB of data

All our plans include

Free and unlimited local and long-distance calls within Québec between all Videotron telephony customers1

Affordable rate of $0.30/min for all calls made while travelling in the US.2

Access to Videotron’s ultra-fast LTE network (with LTE-ready device)3.

Get the most out of your mobile

Do you like to surf the Web? Would you like to be able to access the Internet at any time? Get an on-demand data add-on to meet your needs, directly in the User Center.

Look over our Pay-per-use Services section to find out about our other options and à la carte fees.

Other advantages
Everywhere In Canada
Calls, texts and data -
Unlimited local calls
In minutes
Evenings and Weekends
Calls after 6pm 1
Local and long-distance
calls between Videotron
Long-distance calls Québec
Call display and voicemail
(up to 35 voicemails)
Text and data
Unlimited messages to Canada,
the US and the rest of the world
(text, photo, video)
Data add-ons 500 MB

Frequently Asked Questions :

Are there long-distance fees for calls within Québec with the Call Anytime plan?

No long-distance fees apply to calls between Videotron telephone customers. For all other calls, long-distance fees apply as per the usual rules. To find out more and to take advantage of preferential long-distance rates, visit the "Long-Distance Calling" section.

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes. Just call Customer Service from your mobile phone by dialing 611.

Will my data usage be itemized on my invoice?

Your data usage will not appear on your detailed (paper) invoice. Only a monthly summary will appear. However, you can keep track of your daily data usage by logging on to our Customer Centre and going to the "Check your record of use" section.

* Certain conditions apply.
  1. **

    Price and conditions:
    This limited-time offer applies to Residential customers subscribing to Videotron Mobile. Unlimited local and long-distance anytime calls within Canada, applicable where Videotron’s network or partner networks are available. Access to the partner networks is intended for occasional or temporary use only. In the event the customer primarily uses partner networks for voice (minutes), text messages (SMS), photo and video messages (MMS) or data (KB) usage for three consecutive billing cycles, Videotron reserves the right to block or limit customer’s access to partner networks. Any photo and video messages sent while roaming in Canada (outside Quebec) will be deducted from the monthly Data Add-on. Once the data allowance has been reached, excess usage will be billed at the rate of $0.05/MB. The plan includes Call Waiting and Conference Calling (up to 5 participants). Airtime charges apply to each call/participant for Call Waiting and Conference Calling. Voice and data usage while roaming, long-distance calls to outside Canada, data overage charges and other applicable fees not included. Service performance and rates may differ while on the partner network. Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions apply. One-time $10 line activation fee and $5 SIM card activation fee extra. Other applicable taxes not included. $0.46/month 911 municipal service tax and other applicable taxes extra.

    Change notice:
    Performance and rates of services may differ while located on the partner network. Services and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions apply.

    Activation fee:
    Activation fee of $10 and SIM card fee of $5 per line not included.

    Taxes and conditions:
    A municipal 911 fee of $0.46 is applicable and sales taxes extra.

  2. [1] All long-distance calls within Canada are free and unlimited for new Videotron Residential Home Phone customers.
  3. [2]

    The United States roaming rate includes calls made to Canada and the US. To learn about our rates, and, more specifically, our international long-distance rates, visit the "Pay-per-use" section.

  4. [3]

    Where Videotron’s LTE network is available. Visit videotron.com/coverage, to view the coverage. Certain conditions apply.

  5. [4]

    Theoretically the maximum speed.

  6. [5]

    Channel content (shows, films and series), whether it’s live or on demand, is reserved for Videotron TV customers. If you wish to watch channel content on your mobile, said channel must be included in your Videotron TV package. When you watch content on your device, you use data via Videotron’s mobile or Wi-Fi network. Make sure that your mobile plan lets you use data with this app.

  7. [6]

    Unlimited evening period: Monday to Thursday, 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. Unlimited weekend period: Friday 5 p.m. to Monday 7 a.m.

  8. [7]

    This promotional offer applies to residential customers subscribing to Videotron's mobile phone service and who are activating a compatible device that is non-subsidized (no discount). The discount is valid on select monthly plans of $29.95 or more. Offers apply only to the mobile plan's recurring monthly service fee. Add-ons, additional minutes, long-distance calls, roaming fees, additional data fees and other usage fees not included. It might not be possible to combine this offer with other promotional offers. Subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions apply.