3GB Tablet Plan

3GB Tablet Plan


Stay connected no matter where you are. The 3GB Tablet plan is ideal for those who want to surf the web and use their social networks without worry.


Save money by adding a Canada 2GB Mobile plan


Purchase the all-new LG XPower 2 and an Tablette LG G Pad 4 and get a free LG G Pad Plus pack, a value of $109.951.

$ 45 . /month*

Don’t worry, when you’ve gone over the data included in your plan, your monthly rate will automatically adapt, and you’ll have access to supplementary data. The rate structure of your plan will vary according to the supplementary data used:

  • Up to 3GB: $20 or more
  • Up to 7GB: $40 or more
  • Up to 12GB extra: $70 or more

Monthly usage :

  • Web pages : 500 pages
  • Streaming illico : 2 hours
  • Youtube : 1 hour
  • Music : 125 songs

Frequently Asked Questions :

What's the advantage of choosing flexible-rate Internet on your tablet add-ons?

With flexible-rate Internet on your tablet add-on, you're billed according to tier—your level of actual use. You'll never have to worry about going over a pre-set data transfer limit. You'll also avoid per-unit charges because you'll automatically go to the next-highest tier.

How does the automatic transition to the next-highest tier work when you have a flexible-rate Internet on your tablet add-on?

If you're 1 KB over the data transfer limit for tier 1, you automatically go to the next-highest tier until the end of the current month. You'll receive a text message informing you that you'll be moving up a tier.

Can I share my data add-on with a member of my Share plan?

No. Data add-on is registered to one individual only, so it cannot be shared among several members.

Will my data usage be itemized on my detailed invoice?

Your data usage will not appear on your detailed (paper) invoice. Only a monthly summary will appear. However, you can keep track of your daily data usage by logging on to our Customer Centre and consulting the "Check your record of use" section.

* Certain conditions apply.
  1. **

    In the event that, throughout the month, the customer surpasses the data allowance included in their plan, their usage will automatically advance to the next data tier, and their monthly rate will be calculated accordingly. If data usage exceeds the highest tier, which is 15GB, data overage will be charged at a rate of $0.02/MB. While roaming in Canada and the United States, data usage fees of $0.15/MB will apply. The following month, the customer’s plan will revert to its original data tier. In the case where a discount has been granted with the purchase of a mobile device, a cancellation penalty is applicable, if the agreement is cancelled within the said period (24 months). Usage and rates of services may vary on partner networks. Purchase of a mobile device is not included. Certain conditions apply. One-time activation and SIM card fees not included. Taxes and other applicable fees not included.

  2. [1]

    This promotional offer applies to customers subscribing to a minimum of one Mobile Phone plan and one Tablet plan. The $20 monthly rebate, as well as the $109.95 credit applicable on the LG G Pad Plus Pack are conditional upon a subscription to a Mobile Phone plan with a minimum monthly service rate of $49.95 and a Tablet plan with a minimum monthly service rate of $45. Devices selected at the time of subscription must be LG. Reduced rates apply to the purchase of equipment with a 2-year agreement. A cancellation indemnity will apply if agreement is terminated before the end of the acquisition period of said discount (24 months). The monthly discount offer is conditional upon maintaining subscriptions to both Mobile Phone and Tablet plans. While supplies last. Photo for illustrative purposes only. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. One-time $10 activation fee and $5 SIM card fee extra. Offers, rates and combinations subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions apply. Taxes and other applicable fees not included.