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Voicemail Plus
Intercept or send messages and more with an evolved Voicemail*

Enhance your Voicemail experience with Voicemail Plus.

Have the superior message capacity in terms of number of calls and duration (50 10-minute messages)

Pick up your messages as they come in, send messages to a contact list, and access your Voicemail free of charge anywhere within Canada and the United States.

Required: Voicemail

This feature is included with the Residential Line Plus.

Choose your telephone service features and find the line that best suits your needs.

$2.00 /month

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Frequently Asked Questions  :

Dial your telephone number. Once you hear your welcome message, dial 1 and follow the instructions.

Away from home without making your telephone ring
Dial your voicemail access number, then enter your 10-digit telephone number followed by your password.

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