illico 4K
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The first Ultra HD PVR in Canada


Ultra HD

The 4k difference

4K, also know as Ultra Hight Definition (3840 x 2160 pixels), offers 4 times the resolution of full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels). That’s the sharpest image quality on the market!

Unbeatable power

With a processor that’s 12 times more powerful than its predecessor, illico 4K Ultra HD lets you browse the illico interface faster than ever before. Found movies and series in a matter of seconds.

Record 8 shows HD simultaneous

Record up to eight of your favourite shows at the same time. Everyone in the family can watch their favourite show when they want.

The biggest UHD storage capacity

Record new shows and still keep your family’s favourite series and films with illico 4K Ultra HD’s 115 hours of UHD recording capacity.

of HD recordings

illico 4k Ultra HD adapts to all your devices

You don't need a 4K TV to enjoy the new illico 4K Ultra HD PVR.

However, image quality may vary according to your TV’s screen definition.

For more details, visit our Technical Support page.

* Certain conditions apply.