300 GB Residential Internet Data Add-on

300 GB Residential Internet Data Add-on

Ajustment of your monthly data transfer capacity

Would you like to boost your data transfer capacity from time to time? Order a 300 GB Data Add-on whenever you need it.

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$ 13 . /month*
Available starting the Hybrid Fibre 15 Internet access
13 . /month*
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Additional Data Add-on let you do more
  • Upgrade your monthly data transfer capacity at anytime during the month.
  • Perfect on an as-needed basis or to download more each month
  • Avoid additional fees.
  • Combine up to 3 Data Add-on.
  • Available with Hybrid Fibre Internet services only.

Additional fees will apply if you exceed your data add-on’s data transfer limit*.

  • Find out everything you need to know about your services, invoice, and data usage from your home page.
  • Keep track of your mobile and internet usage, configure your notifications, and get data add-ons.
  • Access your account balance directly and set up pre-authorized payments.
  • Discover tips, tutorials, and practical information for simplified access to your services.