New generation Wi-Fi Router

New generation Wi-Fi Router

Enjoy an even faster Wi-Fi network powered by the latest technology.

  • 802.11ac : blazing fast speeds
  • Extended range for an optimal connection on all your devices
  • Ideal for watching videos and playing games online
  • Parental control and network security at your fingertips with the Videotron Wi-Fi app
  • Exclusive: 24/7 remote technical support, configuration and troubleshooting

Consult the quick installation guide.

Starting at

$ 3 . 99 /month*
Rental included, free of charge with Hybrid Fibre 60 and up.


$ 3 . 99 /month*
Rental included, free of charge with Hybrid Fibre 60 and up.

Purchase price

$ 99 . 95
Custom Wi-Fi installation

Discover our new Wi-Fi service, an installation that will optimize Wi-Fi network coverage throughout your whole house, and maximize your Wi-Fi experience.

Benefits of AC technology

Videotron’s New Generation Wi-Fi Router meets 802.11ac standards, making it extremely high performing. Plus, it offers superior transfer rates and optimum Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire home. Thanks to its six antennas and dual band technology, it offers a superior connection, meaning you’ll get the ultimate experience, no matter the device you use or the kind of entertainment you’re looking for!

Parental Control

With the parental control service included in the New Generation Wi-Fi Router, your family can surf the Web safely. To find out who has access to what content through your router, and to protect your children from inappropriate sites, you simply need to set rules for Internet usage through the Wi-Fi app: security is at your fingertips!

Content sharing

With Videotron’s new Wi-Fi Router, sharing your music, movies and photos has never been easier. All you have to do is connect an external hard drive or USB key to your router and you’ll be able to share your content across all your devices! You’ll even be able to share Wi-Fi compatible printers!

Remote technical support

Say goodbye to technical problems! Our agents manage your New Generation Wi-Fi Router remotely. An exclusive Videotron customer offer: 24/7 remote technical support, configuration and troubleshooting.

Advanced features

You want to know how much data each of your devices uses up? Or how much data each family member used last Saturday?
With Videotron’s new Wi-Fi Router, tracking your data usage is quick and easy!

Videotron WiFi app
#* * // Your essential networking features available through our user-friendly app for mobile and tablet.

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Think green

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the New Generation Wi-Fi Router is also high performing. It is designed to save energy.

Pricing details
Rental price

Regular Price
Rental included, free of charge with Hybrid Fibre 60 and up.

$3.99 /month*

Purchase price

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Inside the box
  • Routeur
  • Power adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick Start Guide