Global Calling Plan

Global Calling Plan

Call 100 countries starting at 3¢ per minute*

The $3 monthly rate covers the first minutes of your call. For example, if you call France for 3¢/minute, your first 100 minutes of conversation are covered!

Once you go over these first 100 minutes, you'll continue to benefit from the same 3¢/minute rate.

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$ 3 . /month*
3 . /month*
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  • Enjoy a preferential 3¢/minute rate to landlines or mobile phones.
  • The first minutes of your call are covered by the monthly rate.
  • Can be used with your calling card for the same low rates
  • No network fees
Up to 100 free minutes

Enjoy $3 worth of global calls each month. As such, you get up to 100 minutes of calls to destinations included in the plan.

If you need additional minutes, don't worry: you'll still continue to enjoy great rates starting at 3¢ per minute.

Calling Card

Your Residential Line and your Global Calling Plan follow you everywhere. With the Videotron Calling Card, you enjoy the same great rates as the Global Calling Plan when calling from a residential line or mobile phone from Canada or the United States.

You'll also enjoy a rate of 15¢ per minute for all your calls within North America made with the Calling Card.


Foire aux questions :

What are the basic rates for long-distance calls?

The regular rate for calls to Canada and the United States with the calling card is 15 ¢ per minute and regular overseas rates apply. However, If you've purchased the global calling plan, you will instantly benefit from your plan's overseas rates.

* Certain conditions apply.
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    Minimum billing of $3/month. Applicable to international calls (011) made to designated countries by Residential line or Softphone customers who have Videotron as their long-distance carrier. Rates for calls made to landlines and mobile phones vary according to each country (rates are listed at Current rates per minute apply to calls made with calling cards. Offer does not apply to calls made to the Relay Service for the Hearing-impaired (711) or calls made via telephone operators.

    Change noticeOffers, services and rates are subject to change without prior notice.

    Taxes and conditionsGST and QST taxes are not included. Certain conditions apply.