Call Screen

Call Screen

Block unwanted incoming calls

Rest easy with Call Screen, which lets you block unwanted calls.

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$ 6 . /month*
No more unwanted calls!

Choose one or both of the following two features:

  • Phone Number Blocking (*60) lets you block calls from specific numbers, for up to 30 numbers.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection (*77) lets you reject calls from withheld names and numbers. The caller will hear a recorded message and your phone won't ring.
Manage your options online

The Call Screen option can also be managed online via our Customer Centre. In the Telephone Service/Personalize section, you can:

  • Add and remove numbers from the list of blocked numbers;
  • Activate and disable the Anonymous Call Rejection option.

Frequently Asked Questions :

How do I use the Phone Number Blocking option?

To block a known number, dial *60 on your phone, followed by the number you would like to block. You can also log on to our Customer Centre and enter the telephone number there. To block the number of the last person to call you, dial *60 #01# immediately after the call. This will work even if the number was withheld.

How do I activate the Anonymous Call Rejection option?

To activate this option, dial *77; to disable it, dial *87. You can also log on to our Customer Centre to manage this option.

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