Make your name and phone number private.

The Privacy option lets you control whether your name and number are published in the telephone directory.

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$ 2 . /month*
Opt for privacy

Features just for you:

  • Permanent Caller ID Block (*82) lets you permanently control whether your name and/or number show up on the Caller ID Displays of the people you call.
  • You can also ask that your name and/or number don't appear in the public telephone directory or the Canada 411 service.
Manage your options online

Permanent Caller ID Block can be activated and disabled online via our Customer Centre in the Telephone Service/Personalize section of our telephone service options.


Frequently Asked Questions :

How do I use Permanent Caller ID Block?

Contact Customer Service to subscribe to Permanent Caller ID Block so that your name and number no longer show up on the Caller ID Displays of the people you call. To disable this option for the duration of a call, dial *82 before dialling the phone number.

How can I prevent my name and/or number from being published in the telephone directory?

Contact Customer Service to prevent this information from being published.

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