Maintenance plan

Maintenance plan

Protect your installation against accidents and wear and tear

Your home telephone's wiring is your responsibility. It is not covered for wear and tear, accidents or potential breakage; that's why Videotron gives you the option of subscribing to its Inside Telephony Wiring Maintenance Plan.

If something happens, Videotron will repair it for free.1

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$ 3 . 75 /month*
Services Covered by the Maintenance Plan
  • Repairs or replacement of indoor cabling outlets1 (the Installations) connected to Videotron's telephone service network, which are no longer working due to normal wear and tear or accidental breakage.
  • Diagnostic testing of malfunctions caused by terminal equipment, such as telephones, faxes and modems.
  • Repair or replacement of outlets or inside wiring due to physical damage caused in a part of the premises, provided the telephone service is operational.
  • Repair or replacement of outlets or inside wiring due to damages caused by domestic animals.
Terms and conditions
  • The Maintenance Plan's coverage comes into effect on the day the customer subscribes to the Maintenance Plan. The Maintenance Plan is subject to a minimum term of 30 days
  • Billing shall be reflected in your statement of account at the usual frequency
  • Videotron reserves the right to modify the rates applicable to the maintenance plan at any time
* Certain conditions apply.
  1. **

    911 municipal tax of $0.46 and other taxes not included. Certain conditions apply.