4K Ultra HD PVR

4K Ultra HD PVR

The best 4K PVR

Enjoy crystal clear picture quality, unprecedented power and the ability to record up to 8 shows at once.
illico offers the best in entertainment.

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Unprecedented power

With a processor that's 12x more powerful you can browse the entire illico catalogue faster than ever before and find the movie or a TV show you want to watch.

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Ultra HD: the best picture quality out there

Ultra High Definition2 offers 4x the resolution of Full HD. You'll feel like you're right at the heart of the action!

  • Crisper images
  • Brighter colours
  • Increased depth perception
No more squabbling!

Record up to 8 shows at once3 and never miss an episode again (1 show in UHD and 7 in HD). Each member of your family can program their favourite shows!

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Say goodbye to storage worries!

With 320 hours of HD storage capacity and 115 hours of UHD storage capacity, you can keep your favourite shows for longer!

Watch your recordings in every room of your home

With our Multi-Room technology and 4K Ultra HD PVR5, you can watch your favourite shows in 4K on any TV in your home equipped with a 4K Ultra HD Terminal6 So go ahead—start your show on the couch and watch the rest of it in bed!

Pricing details
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$0 /month*

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Basic warranty 3 year basic warranty
Processing power 12x more powerful
Recording capacity 320 hours in HD or 115 in UHD
Widgets Yes
Getaway function Take your HD PVR wherever you go and access all your content.
Easy management of recording space Yes
Remote recorder Yes
Single-click recording Yes
Pause live TV Pause a live program and watch it from where you left off
Functions similar to those on a DVD/VHS drive Yes
Possibility of recording simultaneously Yes, 8
Remote control Included
Installation Our terminals do not require the installation of an antenna or a satellite dish.
Parental Control Yes
TV Guide 15-day program guide, interactive programs, etc,
Access to Classic Cable Yes
Access to Video on Demand Yes
All-digital service Yes
Access to illico TV new generation Yes
Technical specifications
Dimensions (cm) 33 X 26 X 4.5
Dolby® DigitalTM 5.1 optical output Yes
DVI or HDMI output Yes – Composite video output (YPbPr), or DVI or HDMI output superior to S-video picture quality
RCA, S-Video and AC-3 outputs Yes – Dolby® DigitalTM AC3 CD-quality surround sound
Digital signal High-definition digital signal with a maximum resolution of 4K, which displays programs in wide-screen format (16:9)
Capacity of the internal hard drive 2 TO - more storage space and greater recording capacity
* Certain conditions apply.
  1. **

    illico 4K Ultra HD for $0/month: This limited-time offer applies to new illico customers and Classic Cable customers who subscribe to a Videotron Custom Theme Package as part of a bundle that includes at least two (2) of the following services: Residential Internet, Home Phone or illico TV, with a minimum monthly rate of $134.95 (TV/Internet options and bundles). To learn about qualifying bundles, visit the following section: http://www.videotron.com/residential/packages/custom-packages. This offer is valid for as long as the customer maintains a subscription to one of these bundles. Equipment rental fees may be charged if customer does not meet the required minimum rate. Free installation (a value of $59.95) is applicable if customer subscribes to a bundle including at least two (2) of the following services: Residential Internet, Home Phone or illico TV. This fee includes the installation of TV, Internet and Telephone services if installed on the same day, for a maximum of five (5) outlets per visit. Installation of additional outlets extra. To take advantage of the Multi-Room function, two illico New Generation Terminals, at least one of which must be a Multi-Room HD PVR, are required. The Multi-Room feature must be installed by a technician. Offered where technology permits. Offers, services and rates are subject to change without prior notice. Taxes not included. Certain conditions apply.

    The terminals offered for rental may be either new or restored, at Videotron’s discretion. The model may differ from the one in the photo.

  2. [1] Length of rental period for adult movies may vary with content. Programming and rates are subject to change without prior notice. An HD TV and HD terminal are required to watch HD content.
  3. [2] 4K resolution is the digital cinema standard. Ultra HD is 4K resolution adapted for television. Currently, TV screens (16:9 – widescreen) and signals broadcast for television require a standard format, making it impossible to broadcast cinema-quality 4K in its original form.
  4. [3] Maximum number of recordings may vary with usage.
  5. [4] SD, HD or UHD recording capacity may vary depending on the transmission speed of the channels being recorded. Recording capacity in high definition is 320 hours and 160 hours in Ultra-HD definition.
  6. [5] Only compatible with TVs connected to an illico TV new generation terminal. At least one Multi-Room HD PVR is required. Installation of the Multi-Room feature must be done by a technician and costs $59.95.