Show time custom theme pack

Show time custom theme pack

Non-stop entertainment for the whole family!

This custom theme pack includes:

  • A choice of 15 custom channels from the Popular category with 1 choice from Premium category
  • Music stations
  • The HD Basic service

Download the illico app on your mobile or tablet and watch your favourite content wherever you go5.

Changing your channels has never been easier! You can change your channel line-up every month directly via the Customer Centre

Videotron Savings

  • Total savings of $180 for 12 months

$ 57 . 95 /month*
Regular price of $ 57,95/month
(subject to change)
HD Basic service included

Regular price of $ 57,95/month(subject to change)HD Basic service included

57 . 95 /month*
Regular price of $ 57,95/month
(subject to change)
HD Basic service included
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15 channels of your choosing

+ HD Basic


Access to the Popular channels


+1 Premium category of your choosing

Included services

Choose your favourite channels from our wide range of custom channels, and add them to those that are included with HD Basic service.

HD Basic service and music stations

As well as HD Basic service, all packages include music channels too.

Entertainment where you want, when you want, with illico.
  • The illico Cloud LIVE feature lets you watch a show or a sporting event in real time on the device of your choice.
  • The RECORD feature can be accessed from the Cloud and lets you program your PVR directly from your phone or tablet.
  • With the RESUME feature, you can start a movie or show and take up exactly where you left off, no matter where you are.
Discover the illico app, designed with you in mind.
  • Create profiles according to each family member’s tastes. Like and rate the shows and movies you watch, and we’ll send you suggestions based on your likes.
  • Your app becomes your remote control. Use your mobile phone or tablet to select on-demand shows, change channels or program your recordings remotely.
The sharpest image quality, with the the illico 4K Ultra HD PVR.
  • 4 times the resolution of full HD, the best image quality on the market.
  • A processor 12 times more powerful that lets you browse the illico interface faster than ever before.
  • Record 8 shows in HD simultaneously.
  • Huge storage capacity.
Access your movies and shows on-demand.
  • Watch your shows whenever you want, on channel 900.
  • Order movies directly on your television, mobile phone or tablet.
Installation fees

You will be charged a one-time fee of $59.95 upon installation.

This fee includes the installation of TV, Internet and telephone services if these services are installed on the same day, with a maximum of five outlets per visit. Installation of additional outlets not included.

Installation fees only apply if a technician visits your home. You will not be charged again if you modify your services or add a new feature such as Voicemail.

* Certain conditions apply.
  1. **

    Discount of $ 15 / month for 12 months:This limited-time offer applies to new Videotron Residential Internet customers who subscribe to the Show time Custom theme package. Total savings of $ 180 for 12 months. Promotional rate of $42,95/month, regular rate of $57,95/month, subject to change.

    Services, conditions and rates may vary by region and are subject to change without prior notice.

    An installation fee of $59.95 applies. This fee includes the installation of TV, Internet and telephone services if installed on the same day, for a maximum of five (5) outlets per visit.Installation of additional outlets extra.

    Channels blocs can be selected in addition from your selected TV package. The customer can add a block of 5, 10 or 20 extra channels only if they subscribe to a Custom Theme Package. The selected channels have to be available in the channels offer included in the selected package. To access Love Nature and FX, you must pay additional fees. À la carte channels can be added to all TV packages. Minimum prerequisite : a subscription to the Basic HD package. The choice of HD channels may vary by region. Charges apply for movie rentals or other paid content. Taxes not included. In order to access HD channels, viewers must first subscribe to the corresponding SD channels. HD or 4K digital terminal required.

    Taxes not included. Certain conditions apply.

  2. [1] On-demand HD channels (channel 900) On-demand HD channels (channel 900)Only available on illico TV new generation available where technology permits.
  3. [2] Change your channels Change your channelsCustomer can edit their Custom channel line-up at any time. However, channels must be kept for a minimum of 30 days.
  4. [3] illico on Demand illico on DemandThe length of an adult movie rental may vary, depending on the movie's content. Programming and pricing may vary without prior notice. An HD TV and HD Terminal are required to access HD content. Customers can access free content from on-demand channels if these channels are part of their TV package.
  5. [4] Illico 4K Ultra HDOriginal content must be broadcast in Ultra HD. A 4K TV, illico 4K Ultra HD PVR and Ultra HD content required. Maximum recording capacity may vary with use. SD, HD and UHD recording capacity may vary with the data transfer rate of recorded channels.

  6. [5] Available only in Canada