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Enjoyed by the
whole family.

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illico Cloud on
all your screens

Access the content you love and watch your favourite shows
everywhere you go.

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unrivalled performance and CRYSTAL CLEAR UHD PICTURE QUALITY

A PVR that's powerful enough for the whole family to use.

Available for rent for $0/month with your plan.

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Get enough data
for everyone.

With 300GB of data every month, you can watch 90 hours of live TV, play online games for 225, and enjoy 45 movies in HD and 750 videos in HD.

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Enjoy an even faster
Wi-Fi network.

Cutting-edge technology, for the best Wi-Fi connection
anywhere in your home.

New Generation Wi-Fi router rental included with your plan.

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A reliable and affordable Residential Line.

No need to change your phone number, jacks, devices or disrupt your routine.

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