Flex-rate mobile Internet plans
Plans that adapt to your mobile usage

  • You only pay for the data you actually need.
  • Monthly fees start at as little as $5/month without an agreement and $15 with one.
  • Get a device without an agreement and also get a $10/month discount.
  • Use up to 15GB of data without paying overage charges.
Starting at
$5.00 /month **

Flex-rate mobile Internet plans

* Certain conditions apply.
  1. **

    Price and conditions:
    This offer is for Videotron residential customers. Internet is charged by the kilobyte. Additional data fees are rounded up to the nearest cent. Flexible-rate is charged according to the tier corresponding to the use made. If the data included in the last tier is exceeded, the use is charged per additional MB. Additional charges of $0.02/MB will be billed for combined excess bandwidth use of 15 GB per month (download and upload).

    Service availability:
    Available where technology exists. System availability and capacity, network maintenance and modifications, customer equipment, signal strength, topography, surroundings and other conditions may affect signal reception. Behaviour and rates of services may differ while located in partner network. Roaming rates apply outside Videotron and its partner network in Quebec and Ottawa area.

    Network access:
    The speed is not guaranteed. Factors such as geographical situation, signal strength and your device can influence the network's speed and availability. Device and SIM card must be compatible with Videotron's LTE mobile network.

    Purchase of equipment is extra. Regular price of Mobile Wi-Fi and Mobile Internet Key is $175. Where an economic inducement has been granted in the purchase of equipment, a termination fee will apply if the contract is terminated before the end of the acquisition period of the discount (24 months).

    Change notice:
    Offer and rates are subject to change without prior notice.

    Taxes and conditions:
    Taxes not included. Certain conditions apply.