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Videotron Mobile now offers extended coverage.

What is extended coverage?

Because we want to provide customers with the best telephone experience out there, Videotron Mobile has teamed up with various partners to provide its customers with a far-reaching network. This network gives users access to extended coverage, as it acts as an extension of the coverage usually offered by Videotron Mobile, in areas where Videotron’s network is unavailable.

How do I access Videotron’s extended coverage?

All you need to be able to access this far-reaching network is a subscription to an All-Inclusive Canada plan. Customers with this plan can access all Videotron’s partner networks across Canada, even in areas that do not currently offer Videotron’s Mobile service. Videotron also provides customers subscribed to an All-Inclusive Canada plan with access to a whole host of LTE partner networks anywhere in Canada.

See our Canada coverage

Will I be charged for using Videotron’s extended coverage?

There are no extra costs associated with the use of our extended coverage. However, roaming rates apply to customers with a Quebec plan who connect to our partner networks in the rest of Canada.

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Travelling outside Canada?

When you travel the world, you can stay connected hassle-free and for less! No need for a roaming plan since you only pay for what you use with our affordable pay-per-use rates.

Your device will connect automatically in over 200 countries.

See United States and international coverage

Leave home with peace of mind

To avoid any nasty surprises, access to the Internet on your device will be blocked as soon as:

  • Your data overage charges on the Videotron and partner networks have reached $50.
  • Your data roaming charges outside the Videotron network, within Canada and abroad, have reached $100.

You can remove these limits at any time. When your charges are close to reaching the limits, you’ll receive text alerts free of charge.

Keep also track of your Mobile data usage and purchase On-demand Data Add-ons whenever you want with the User Center + app

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* Certain conditions apply.
  1. [1]

    * Rates are shown in MB; however, usage is billed by 10 KB block. Increment download and upload data are also processed separately. If, for example, you download 88 KB and upload 116 KB (for a total of 204 KB), your total use will be 210 KB, specifically, 90 KB upload and 120 KB download.

    ** Represents the maximum speed of the operator's network, based on the information we have and the type of frequencies the operator uses. The speed is not guaranteed. Factors such as geographical location, signal strength and your device can influence the network's speed and availability.

    *** Rate by outgoing SMS; incoming SMSs are free.

    **** (Incoming messages free) + data transmission charges applicable to sent and received messages.

  2. [2]

    The United States roaming rate includes calls made to Canada and the US. To learn about our rates, and, more specifically, our international long-distance rates, visit the "Pay-per-use" section.

  3. [3]

    Certain countries or regions are subject to different or special pricing.
    Check the roaming rates that apply to the country you are visiting in the "International Travel" section.

    For a complete list of rates, including rates for international long-distance calls, see our "Pay-Per-Use Services" section.

  4. [4]

    The international roaming feature must be active on your account. Coverage may vary when roaming abroad. Device used, SIM card and customer's profile may limit access to our international partners' networks.

  5. [5]

    The Unlimited Messages US feature includes: unlimited text, picture and video messages sent from the US. When outside the US, roaming charges apply for sending text, picture and video messages. Roaming charges for text, picture and video messages sent from outside the US are billed on a per message basis and are not deducted from the monthly message add-on. While roaming, data transmission charges may apply when sending and receiving photo and video messages. Messaging add-ons may be modified only once per month. Add-ons may be combined. In some cases, fixed charges for sending messages while roaming are billed on a per message basis.

    Service availability:
    The Unlimited Messages US feature may be used in the United States.

    Change notice:
    Behaviour and rates of services may differ while located in partner networks. Services and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions apply.

    Taxes and conditions
    Applicable taxes not included.

  6. [6]

    The maps are a general and approximate representation of the mobile coverage offered by Videotron and partner networks. Actual coverage may vary. System availability and capacity, network maintenance and modifications, customer equipment, signal strength, topography, surroundings and other conditions may affect signal reception. Some optional services are only available in specific locations. Applicable taxes not included. Roaming rates apply.

  7. [7]

    North America roaming rate includes calls made to Canada and the US. To learn about our rates, and, more specifically, our international long-distance rates, visit the "Pay-per-use" section.

  8. [8]

    Price and conditions

    This limited-time offer applies to Residential customers subscribing to Videotron Mobile. Unlimited local and long-distance anytime calls within Canada, applicable where Videotron’s network or partner networks are available. Access to the partner networks is intended for occasional or temporary use only. In the event the customer primarily uses partner networks for voice (minutes), text messages (SMS), photo and video messages (MMS) or data (KB) usage for three consecutive billing cycles, Videotron reserves the right to block or limit customer’s access to partner networks. Any photo and video messages sent while roaming in Canada (outside Quebec) will be deducted from the monthly Data Add-on. Once the data allowance has been reached, excess usage will be billed at the rate of $0.05/MB. The plan includes Call Waiting and Conference Calling (up to 5 participants). Airtime charges apply to each call/participant for Call Waiting and Conference Calling. Voice and data usage while roaming, long-distance calls to outside Canada, data overage charges and other applicable fees not included. Service performance and rates may differ while on the partner network. Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions apply. One-time $10 line activation fee and $5 SIM card activation fee extra. Other applicable taxes not included. $0.46/month 911 municipal service tax and other applicable taxes extra.