Flexible-rate – Mobile

Never worry about your usage

Use the Internet freely without worrying about exceeding your data transfer limit. You'll be billed automatically according to the tier that reflects your actual usage. That way you can avoid extra charges.

Included in our $31.95 and $41.95 plans

Starting at
$5.00 /month **

Flexible-rate – Mobile

* Certain conditions apply.
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    Price and conditions
    Internet on your mobile is charged by the kilobyte. Additional data fees are rounded up to the nearest cent. Data transmission charges may apply while roaming. The charges are billed according to the location of the site that receives and sends the signal and not according to your location. The selection of data add-ons can only be changed once a month. Only fixed-rate add-ons may be combined. It is not possible to combine add-ons of the same value. Certain conditions apply for the transition from a flexible-rate add-on to a fixed-rate add-on. Flexible-rate Internet on your mobile add-on is charged according to the tier corresponding to the use made. If the data included in the last tier is exceeded, the use is charged per additional MB.