Alcatel IdolTM 4
The Perfect Amount of Enticing.

Thanks to the experience-boosting BOOM key, IDOLTM 4 is poised to blast users to the next level when it comes to the way they take photos, listen to music, play games, stream video— even the way they view their phone. Along with this incredible experience, it delivers powerhouse sound, supreme display clarity, professional cameras, and unique reversible audio and interface, all in one sweet package.


Receive a free pair of Alcatel VR Goggles with the purchase of an Alcatel IdolTM 4.*

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With a monthly plan of $39.95 for 24 months

Alcatel IdolTM 4

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    The advertised price corresponds to the purchase of equipment with an acquisition period of two years with a minimum monthly service fee of $39.95. In this case, a cancellation indemnity will apply if the contract is terminated before the end of the acquisition period of said discount (24 months).

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