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Long Distance

The power to call anywhere

Talk to faraway family and friends by choosing a long-distance plan.

Travelling abroad? See our Coverage section to check the compatibility of your device, and learn about our Pay-per-use section.

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Québec unlimited

Unlimited calls within Québec and greater Ottawa region

$5.00 /month *

Say goodbye to long-distance charges

Enjoy free and unlimited long-distance calls between customers of Videotron telephony services

Canada and United States unlimited

Calls to anywhere in North America from Québec

$12.00 /month *

Canada and United States 40 minutes

Calls to anywhere in North America from Québec

$5.00 /month *

Canada and United States 125 minutes

Calls to anywhere in North America from Québec

$10.00 /month *

Starting at
$5.00 /month *

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* Certain conditions apply.
  1. [1]

    Price and conditions

    These limited-time offers apply to Residential customers who activate a new Mobile line or who add a new mobile device and subscribe to Mobile service with a monthly rate of $64.95 or higher. The offer entails a 100% discount on the Data Add-on included as part of the promotion. Offer conditional upon maintaining a valid plan with a monthly service rate of at least $64.95.
    Optional features, fees related to additional minutes, long-distance calling fees, roaming fees and other applicable usage fees are not included. In some cases these offers cannot be combined with other promotional offers. Offers subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions apply. Cannot be combined with some other offers, among them, the Monthly Data Add-on. One-time $10 activation fee and $5 SIM card activation fee extra. Other applicable taxes not included. $0.46/month 911 municipal service tax and other applicable taxes not included.