3GB Tablet Plan

Stay connected no matter where you are. The 3GB Tablet plan is ideal for those who want to surf the web and use their social networks without worry.


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Starting at
$45.00 /month **

3GB Tablet Plan

* Certain conditions apply.
  1. **

    In the event that, throughout the month, the customer surpasses the data allowance included in their plan, their usage will automatically advance to the next data tier, and their monthly rate will be calculated accordingly. If data usage exceeds the highest tier, which is 15GB, data overage will be charged at a rate of $0.02/MB. While roaming in Canada and the United States, data usage fees of $0.15/MB will apply. The following month, the customer’s plan will revert to its original data tier. In the case where a discount has been granted with the purchase of a mobile device, a cancellation penalty is applicable, if the agreement is cancelled within the said period (24 months). Usage and rates of services may vary on partner networks. Purchase of a mobile device is not included. Certain conditions apply. One-time activation and SIM card fees not included. Taxes and other applicable fees not included.