Call Forwarding

Redirect your calls

Never miss a call by transferring your calls to any phone number you want.

Note that all calls must be forwarded to a North American phone number.

$5.00 /month **

Call Forwarding

* Certain conditions apply.
  1. **

    Price and conditions:

    The selection of "Call Management" optional services may be changed only once a month. The date and time of the activities on your account correspond to the Montreal time zone, regardless of your travel abroad. Outside the Videotron network, the location of the activities on your account may be indicated differently depending on your location (Province or city or country).

    Call Forwarding will be billed on a pay-per-use basis, on the Videotron network and on the partner network, except if you have subscribed to the monthly Unlimited Call Forwarding option. Long-distance charges may apply. You will not incur roaming charges for forwarding calls while roaming. Your forwarded calls will be billed as if you were in your local calling area. Long-distance minutes will automatically be deducted from your long-distance plan.

    The client can override the call forwarding to voicemail or call display in all inclusive packages