The Mobile Device Protection Program aims to protect new devices activated during a new subscription or renewal. While the manufacturer warranty only covers electric and mechanical damages, our Protection Program goes above and beyond by covering even accidental damage. And we all know how fast accidents can happen!

You may enroll in the Program within 30 days following your purchase of a mobile device.1

To make a service request or to view a pending request, click here.

$7.00 /month **


* Certain conditions apply.
  1. **

    The Mobile Device Protection Program has a maximum duration of 24 months. After this period, the Program will automatically be terminated and monthly service fees will no longer be charged, with no action required on your part.

    You may terminate the Contract at any time for any reason by calling Videotron at 1 877-951-8468 or visiting a Videotron store to request cancellation. You may cancel your enrollment in the Program for a full refund within the first thirty (30) days of enrollment if you meet the conditions available at If the Contract is cancelled after thirty (30) days of enrollment, we will refund the remainder of the Monthly Service Fee, pro-rated on a daily basis as measured by the date on which the contract was canceled.

    This Program is not transferable to another person, or to another mobile device, other than the one for which you original subscribed to the Program.

    Request for Service
    It is your responsibility to ensure that you save all content from your mobile device and delete all data before issuing a service request.

    Other Applicable Fees
    In order to understand all details related to applicable fees, please consult the terms and conditions that you were sent to you when you subscribed to the Mobile Device Protection Program or visit our website at

    Non-returned Device Fees
    If your mobile device is not returned within thirty (30) days after receiving your replacement mobile device, you will incur non-returned device fees.

    Locked Device Fees
    Your mobile device must be unlocked before issuing any service request. If your mobile device is still locked (because of a remote locator or any other similar app), fees for processing a locked device will be charged.

    Service Request Conversion Fee
    If you issue a request for service for a mechanical or electronic damage and, upon inspection, the damage proves to be accidental, you will be charged service request conversion fees of $79, plus tax.

    About the Program
    The Mobile Device Protection Program is offered by Brighstar. The Consumer Protection Act provides a warranty on all goods you purchase or lease from a merchant. The Mobile Device Protection Program is an optional program available to mobile customers of Videotron. Other protection programs may be offered by other agents or organizations that a customer may prefer. The customer is not required to purchase the Mobile Device Protection Program, regardless of the circumstances.