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The CRTC’s Wireless Code has been in effect since December 2, 2013.

In accordance with the code, Videotron has made some changes so that we can continue assisting you with your mobile services and provide you with the best customer experience out there.

Use your data worry free

If you go beyond the data included in your mobile plan and data add-ons, your overage charges will be capped as follows:

  • $50 for data used on the Videotron or partner networks1;
  • $100 for data used while roaming in the rest of Canada and abroad.

Automatic blocking of your data use:

  • Your mobile Internet session will be interrupted if your data overage charges go beyond the abovementioned caps.
  • If don’t want your mobile Internet access to be interrupted, you can consent to the removal of these caps via Videotron’s Customer Centre or by calling Customer Service. It will be possible for you to reactivate these limits at any time by calling Customer Service.

Allow overage

Monitor your data use

Monitor your data use directly on your mobile device thanks to Videotron’s app.

Download the app

Videotron will continue to notify you via text message when you have reached your mobile plan’s data limit. In addition, you’ll get a new text message once your overage is about to reach either of the new caps.

Tailor your plan to your data needs

Did you know? You can avoid costly data overage fees by increasing your plan’s mobile monthly data allowance, and at an affordable price!

Add 1 GB, 2 GB or even 5 GB of data to your plan or opt for the flex-rate option, which automatically adapts to your data use every month, so that you can enjoy the lowest rate even if your data use varies from month to month.


By purchasing a new mobile device together with a new contract or by renewing your contract, you can change device every 24 months without incurring early cancellation fees. As a result, you’ll get to take advantage of the latest innovations and will always have a mobile device that’s at the cutting edge of technology. See all our devices.


All wireless service providers must offer an unblocking service for their devices. You can thus bring an unblocked device to use it on the Videotron network and benefit from our highly affordable rate plans.

Check whether your device is compatible with the Videotron network by visiting a point of sale.

More information on the CRTC Wireless Code

* Certain conditions apply.
  1. [1]

    Visit our website to learn more about Videotron’s domestic coverage.

Get a call from customer service

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