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Videotron Calling Card
Call anywhere in the world from Canada or the United States1

Use your calling card from any landline, mobile phone, pay phone or even hotel room in Canada or the United States.

Choose your telephone service features and find the line that best suits your needs.

$0.15 /minute

To call to Canada or EU

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Your calling card is included in the starter kit you received when you subscribed to cable telephony.

How to Use Your Calling Card

Call 1 888 666-5557 and follow the instructions. Your PIN was included with your calling card. If you have forgotten your PIN, please contact a Videotron Technical Support representative.

Subscribers to the Global Calling Plan

You may obtain special rates when they use their calling card to make calls to destinations that are included in this plan.

Long-Distance Charges

Long-distance charges incurred using your Calling Card will appear on your Videotron bill, and any applicable roaming charges will appear on the bill from your mobile telephony provider.

Frequently Asked Questions  :

What are the basic rates for long-distance calls?

The regular rate for calls to Canada and the United States with the calling card is 15 ¢ per minute and regular overseas rates apply. However, If you've purchased the global calling plan, you will instantly benefit from your plan's overseas rates.

Select a country or enter a destination number to see the rates

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* Certain conditions apply.
  1. [1]

    Calling card service is available where technology permits (Canada and United-States).