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Say goodbye to long-distance charges
Join close to 3 million customers who have said goodbye to long-distance charges!1

All long-distance calls within Québec are free and unlimited at all times between customers of Videotron's residential, mobile and business telephony services.2

This exclusive offer is included with the Residential Line.


  • No network fees.
  • No long-distance charges between Videotron's residential, mobile and business Telephony subscribers within Québec.

Choose your telephone service features and find the line that best suits your needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions  :

What are the basic rates for long-distance calls?

The regular rate for calls to Canada and the United States with the calling card is 15 ¢ per minute and regular overseas rates apply. However, If you've purchased the global calling plan, you will instantly benefit from your plan's overseas rates.

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* Certain conditions apply.
  1. [1]

    Close to 3 million people
    Based on an average of 2.36 people per household among subscribers to Videotron's residential phone service.

  2. [2]

    Calls between customers
    Free, unlimited long-distance calls between residential, mobile and business telephone customers apply to residential and business telephone service customers and/or LTE mobile telephone service customers who have Videotron as their long-distance service provider. Calls must be initiated on Videotron's network.

    Unlimited local and long-distance anytime calls within Canada, applicable where Videotron's network or partner network are available. When roaming in the rest of Canada (outside Québec), incoming and outgoing photo and video messages are deducted from the customer's monthly data allowance. International long-distance calls are charged at a rate of $1.45/minute when roaming in Canada. For pricing details, please visit the international calls from Québec section.