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Multi-Room HD PVR

Record your favourite shows!

illico X8

Record like never before

illico 4K

The best 4K PVR


HD quality
(up to 1080i)

4K Ultra-HD

Number of simultaneous




HD storage

Up to 55 hours
(500 gigabytes)
Up to 305 hours
(2 terabytes)
Up to 320 hours(HD)
115 hours(UHD)

(2 terabytes)

Multi-room recordings
with a single PVR

A processor

- 4X more powerful
12X more powerful

Getaway function

Learn more

Learn more

Learn more

Multi-Room feature

When your pair the Multi-Room HD PVR with our Multi-Room feature, you can watch your recordings on any TV in the house.

Getaway: take your shows with you, wherever you go

Watch your recordings no matter where you are—simply connect your terminal to the TV of your choice, no cable outlet required!

illico 4K Ultra HD

  • 12x faster and more powerful
  • 4K Ultra HD image quality
  • 8 simultaneous recordings, 2 in UHD
  • 320 hours of HD recording capacity
Starting at
$0.00 /month *

On loan
When you buy: $399

illico X8

A high-tech terminal that allows you to record without counting.

  • Eight simultaneous recordings4
  • Two-terabyte storage capacity
  • A processor that’s faster and 4x more powerful
$9.99 /month *

On loan

Multi-room HD PVR


Simply take total control of your television

Starting at
$0.00 /month *

On loan

New generation remote control

Ergonomic and evolved: every function in a single touch

Remote control

Programmed for compatibility with all Videotron terminals

A simplified remote

Basic features for quick and easy use

HDMI Cable

This high-performance cable gives you the best image quality for a TV experience that feels like you're at the movies

Digital optical cable

For devices equipped with Toslink optical fibre connectors. Enjoy unparalled sound quality

S-Video cable

For home theatres and digital receivers. Get sharp picture quality and vibrant colours

1.8m coaxial cable

Weather-resistant, it can be used indoors or outdoors

Digital coaxial audio cable

State-of-the-art surround sound. Ideal for DVD players, receivers and stereo equipment

2-way splitter

Uniform distribution of high-performance television signals: Listen and record at the same time

Cleaning kit

For flat screens! A soft microfibre cloth with an ergonomic handle

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* Certain conditions apply.
  1. [1]

    illico on Demand
    The length of an adult movie rental may vary, depending on the movie's content. Programming and pricing may vary without prior notice. An HD TV and HD Terminal are required to access HD content. Customers can access free content from on-demand channels if these channels are part of their TV package.

  2. [2]

    Number of recording hours
    SD or HD recording capacity may vary depending on the transmission speed of the channels being recorded. The maximum recording capacity is over 305 hours in HD and 1,197 hours in SD.

  3. [3]

    Maximum number of recordings may vary with usage.