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The best TV experience powered by fibre optics

Three million Quebecers already have it’ 1


Multiscreen viewings, personalized profiles and integrated social networks.

Discover a new way of watching TV—use your iPad as a second screen, and enjoy illico to your heart’s content, wherever and whenever you want! Easily access your favourite channels, shows, movies and series all in the same place and chat live on Twitter.

Illico: rich and One-of-a-kind content


Watch your favourite shows live, or watch them on demand for free 2 when you want on channel 900. With illico 3 , you also get access to box-office hits, popular TV series and much more.



You can record your favourite show or the entire series with a single click. Program your HD PVR even you’re outside the home, via or illico mobile 5 .

Multi-Room PVR

Our new Multi-Room PVR feature is now available.

With this feature, you can watch what you’ve recorded on any TV in your home that’s connected to a new-generation terminal. For example, you can start watching a recording in your living room, pause it, then continue watching it in your bedroom 6 !

Get answers to all your questions regarding the Multi-Room PVR feature.

Live TV Control

Pause your show, even if it’s a live broadcast, thanks to the HD PVR. Then, continue watching it when you want.


Find what you want to watch quickly, whether it’s a sports competition, a movie or a series, thanks to the program guide filters and search tool.


Bring up your personalized dashboard with a single click, for news, weather updates, previews, and other information.

Illico: The Ultimate Multi-screen Experience 8


Enjoy a remarkably clear HD 7 picture in the comfort of your home.


Thanks to, you can enjoy the most complete online TV experience 9 . Watch your favourite shows live or on demand, order movies, listen to music and enjoy exclusive Web content.


Download the 9 app and watch your favourite channels and shows live or on demand via a Wi-Fi connection. With Android, you also get access to a selection of box-office hits.
Discover the app


illico mobile 10 is your TV experience on the go. Follow the latest news, and watch sporting events, and youth shows, no matter where you are.


Continue watching on-demand TV show or movie that you paused, regardless of whether it’s on your TV on channel 900, on or illico mobile 10 .

* Certain conditions apply.
  1. [1]

    Based on the 2011 Statistics Canada census, which indicated 2.32 people per household and a digital TV subscriber basis of 1 480 441 on December 31, 2013.

  2. [2]

    Customers can access free content from on-demand channels if these channels are part of their TV package.

  3. [3]

    illico On Demand is available where technology permits. A contribution to the Local Programming Improvement Fund (0.5%) is not included and applies to Indigo and illico On Demand orders.

  4. [4]

    The programming of movies and series may be modified at any time. Internet service costs, which include data transfer fees, shall be borne by the customer. The subscription allows customers to watch some content on digital TV, which requires a subscription to Videotron's TV service and an illico TV new generation terminal. Taxes not included. Certain conditions apply.

  5. [5]

    You must be subscribed to Videotron's digital TV and mobile telephone services. A compatible recording device is require

  6. [6]

    To use the feature, you need two illico TV new generation terminals, at least one of which needs to be a digital PVR.
    The feature must be installed by a technician. The installation costs $59.95.

    Regarding illico TV new generation
    illico is available where technology permits.
    A TV and HD terminal are required. A subscription to basic HD TV service is required.

  7. [7]

    The original content must be broadcast in this format. A TV and HD terminal are required. A subscription to basic HD digital TV is required. Selection of available HD TV channels may vary by region. In order to be able to tune in to an HD channel, you must be subscribed to the corresponding channel in standard definition.

  8. [8]

    To enjoy exclusive content and experience TV to the fullest, you must be subscribed to Videotron's digital TV, Internet and mobile telephone services.

  9. [9]

    All content watched on affects the data transfer allowance included in the Internet package that the customer has subscribed to. Overage fees may apply depending on the customer's type of Internet subscription. In order to watch content aired on TV, the channels in question must be included in the TV package that you are subscribed to. Charges for data use could apply. The best Internet experience: based on 48 channels available on the Internet via, on April 11, 2013. The App Store is an Apple Inc. registered trademark.

  10. [10]

    illico Mobile is available to Videotron customers who are subscribed to 4G mobile telephone service and who are also subscribing to Videotron's TV service, except for customers who use a device that is not compatible with the application. Charges related to Internet use on your mobile are extra. In order to watch content on your mobile, the channel in question must be included in the TV package that you are subscribed to. A subscription to a viewing hours add-on is required.