How to insert a log-file

E-mail and log-file headings contain important, precise information that constitutes the only valid proof against any computer offence.

Firewall log-files

Given the infinite varieties of firewall software, it is impossible for us to send you a procedure for every type. We suggest you consult the guide provided with your software to find this log-file. You would then simply copy-and-paste the information relevant to your complaint into the cell reserved to that effect.

E-mail headings

Here are the steps to follow for the most popular e-mail applications. If you do not find the steps pertaining to your software, we suggest you consult the guide for your software or the technical support provided by the software house. Once you have found it, select the heading, copy it, and paste it into the area indicated on the form.

Here is a reminder of the keyboard shortcuts described above:

Select All CTRL + A
Copy CTRL + C
Paste CTRL + V

Microsoft Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x for Windows

Microsoft Outlook Express for Macintosh

Microsoft Outlook 2000 or XP


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